The GAI is a 20-item self-report measure designed for use with older adult populations. Developed by researchers Nancy Pachana and Gerard Byrne, it is an initial diagnostic tool used to indicate anxiety levels in the elderly.  The GAI will be available free of charge for academic purposes, including research and teaching, and for a fee to other users.

If you are interesting in translating the GAI into a new language, please see Using the GAI.

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Gemma Farndon, Assistant psychologist
Bristol older adult mental health services (UK)

“I have been using the GAI as part of my pre and post measures for the anxiety management group programme that I deliver. Previously, I used to administer the BURNS. I have received positive feedback from patients that your measure is easier to use and that they prefer it. In addition, as I work with older adults, a majority of them have mild cognitive impairment and/or early stages of dementia. Therefore, when normally I have had difficulty in ascertaining levels of anxiety with previous measures, I am now able to use the GAI. Thank-you.” 

National Guidelines Clearing House
- www.guideline.gov

National Guidelines Clearing House has recommended the Geriatric Anxiety Inventory (GAI) as being an appropriate measure for the assessment of Anxiety in Older adults. Look under “Assessment Tools and Forms” for the full report



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